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My name is Robert Barnes, Owner of this business and website.

I have been a small business owner for 12 years and realize my most valuable asset is satisfied customers.

To accomplish this I need your feedback, comments and suggestions.

When I came up with the idea for this product, the Bore Wire it was something I made for myself to use. I have been using one for a while now and it works well for me. This is why I decided to make and offer the Bore Wire for sale, to see if others like them as well.

I certainly hope you will find them useful, your feedback is important to me in order to make the Bore Wire better and see to it people are satisfied with the usefulness and value this product offers.

Comments have been enabled on this page so you can post  feedback, comments and suggestions about our product, the Bore Wire.


Robert Barnes

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  • This product is great. I bought one just as sort of a curiosity but this is exactly what you need to run patches through any small caliber barrel. you can run them from breech to muzzle or from muzzle to breech and the wire is nylon coated so it won’t damage the crown (but it is easy to keep it off the crown anyway. I don’t use solvent on my snake because I don’t want to deal with a solvent-sopping snake after (plus how much solvent can you use up to wet a snake), but with this thing you can get a patch good and wet and pull it through the bore slowly to get it soaked. You can also use an extra large patch and put just the corner in the loop so it is kind of like a bore mop since you have a lot of patch following that wire through.

  • Air Rifle Owners:
    I had been looking for a cable to use for cleaning the barrel of my air rifle. I had found a couple cleaning kits and only one that would work better than the other products that I had purchased before finding the Bore Wire Product. I purchased the 22 caliber bore wire product a few months ago and just used it the weekend 4/25/15. The length and diameter works great on air rifles that have break barrels. Would like to see a non metallic adaptor with a hook on one end and a 8/32 female thread for a barrel mop to be attached. This product will still be my go to tool for cleaning my air rifle barrels.

  • i have been using a custom 17 caliber coated wire pull through cleaning tool for many years; it is now cracking and i need a replacement. i purchased an otis and it sucks! the wire is way too thick and when i got the multi-caliber kit there was not included for the 17 caliber cable an end piece that acts like a t handle to grasp when pulling the cable through the bore. as you know the cables get slippery when coated with oil and solvents.
    in your web you do not describe your products very well as i am not sure of what they are made of.

    the old pull cable i have was ingenious in design as it has at one end a threaded female brass fitting the will take a brass loop or bristle brush. at the other end it has a ring about the size of quarter that you can get your finger in to pull with. most time i just pull against the ring not using my finger. as i said the cable is thin (you dont need much in a twisted cable to be pretty strong) and is coated i think with nylon. i had two of these and one had only a loop on one end and the ring on the other. i use this one till it cracked all of the nylon off the wire. they were the best for cleaning 17 caliber bores that i ever found.

    hope this is some help to you for your future efforts. please do not get into what otis is doing with the pulling end of the cable where you have to insert a rod to pull the cable.. my old cables had the ring permanently crimped on. Perfect!
    ps. how long are your cables? what do you grab on to pull the cable with?

    good luck with your business. bill.

    • Hello William, I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and do the write up. I do realize this website is some what lacking and do intend to update it with much better product descriptions and also a store where people can purchase directly. I had started out selling on ebay and that is where the product listings and descriptions are for now.

      The old pull cable you have sounds like it would work well. I have considered producing simple pull cable with a threaded female brass fitting like yours. This requires tooling, design and testing, then manufacturing to an exact standard so the crimp is secure every time. This is why it is not done yet. I have plans for a better facility to manufacture these in the future with room for expansion for product upgrades etc.

      I have a suggestion for you on how to fix the cracked nylon cover on your unit, try some plastic wire shrink wrap. If you look around you may be able to find some the exact size to fit over the female brass fitting and still shrink down small enough to cover the cable. Lots of it on ebay.

      I would make such a unit like you have by crimping on the female brass fitting on one end then creating a cable loop on the other end, this would allow a brass crimped fitting on one end making it cheaper to build and cheaper to sell and should still allow it to work well, not quite as well as a brass ring but the cost would be cheaper as such as brass ring would be expensive to make.

      An alternative arrangement would be 2 brass crimped female fittings, one on each end with a brass ring with threaded fitting fitted to one end and the cleaning brush/loop on the other end.

      If you contact me again I will send you one of my stainless bore wires to try, I think it may work well for your application but does not have the capability to use a brush, only a patch at this time.

      Also, sorry for not keeping closer track of this website and answering sooner.

  • Great product! smart idea,compact and portable without hurting my wallet! works on just about every firearm I own , wish I would have done this ,good luck Robert with your future business.

  • I have a Marlin 795 that doesn’t break down so a bore snake is needed in the field—Just received a 3 pack of yours but haven’t tried it yet—Seems like a good Idea—Nice clean website—Good job—The code part of your contact app is dysfunctional though.


  • I have several calibers of rifles and the bore wire works with all of them from my .22 to my 7.62×54. and best of all i dont have to worry about damaging my crown or the rifling of my barrel . Absolutely love it . and since it came with 3 i even gave one to my father to try on his rifle and he likes it as well on his 30/30 lever action . Great Product !

  • the bore wire works _GREat!_ with it, i have no fear at all of damaging the inside of my rifle’s barrel from more aggressive cleaning methods (rod, snake, etc.) I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER WITH IT–IT’S SIMPLICITY ITSELF.

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