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The Bore Wire HD 30-06 Bore cleaning tool – Easy to use!

Easily cleans your 30-06 Rifle bore with no metal contact from cleaning rods – better for your bore!

This Bore Wire will work to clean any caliber from .17 up to 30-06 and larger.

The Rifle Bore Wire HD, 30 inch is made with Stainless steel cable covered with black nylon sheath and double 1″ loop ends.

Insert a cleaning patch in the loop, ad a few drops of solvent or oil and clean your bore the SMARTER WAY – The Bore Wire Way!

Thinking about the Bore Snake made by Hoppes? – The Bore Wire is better. Why? Read below!

You must buy a bore snake for each caliber you own! Own 3 different calibers of rifles or pistols? 3 x 15 = 45.00 just to clean your bore? Also consider, the Bore Snake gets more dirty each time you use it, this is a bad thing. The Bore Wire works with any caliber from .17 up, uses standard patches [we just use cut up paper towel patches] and is more easy to use then a bore snake because you don’t need to hold your bore downward to allow the bore snake to drop through your  bore via gravity. The Bore Wire is flexible but stiff enough to thread through your bore easily like in the photos making it very easy to use. Now consider all that and it is easy to come to the conclusion that the Bore Wire is just easier to use and cheaper making it BETTER!

The Bore Wire HD is designed to be very simple to use and SAVE YOU MONEY!

Hear that metal sound when you use a metal cleaning rod? That is the cleaning rod grating against your muzzle, bit by bit that sound means the most important part of your barrel is being worn down and your gun’s accuracy is being reduced. A cleaning rod can only contact on part of your gun’s bore, right at the muzzle. Lets be perfectly clear, you do not need to use a wire brush on your gun’s bore every time you clean. Most times you only need to run patches through with ether solvent or oil to get the bore bright and clean.

The Bore Wire is super easy to use, insert a patch in one end, insert the other end into the chamber, gently push it through and out the barrel, then pull it right on through. Do this a few times with solvent, oil and finally a clean patch and presto, your done “with ease” and with no muzzle ware from that cleaning rod.

What do people think of this new concept in bore cleaning? Take a moment and check our feedback comments and see what is being said by hundreds of people who have bought and used the Bore Wire.

The Bore Wire HD is designed and made in the USA by a USA owned company.

The Bore Wire HD is compact – it can be wound into a small diameter and kept in a small pouch with other cleaning supplies and taken anywhere, to the range or in your pack on an Alaskan hunting trip.

You get 1 Bore Wire HD for one low Price. You support American craftsman and American jobs. The Bore Wire is hand made right here in the USA.

The Bore Wire HD is made by ACME Gun Parts a USA Company making innovative products in the USA!

Get your Bore Wire HD today and clean your gun the SMARTER WAY!