Rifle 30" Bore Wire Pistol 12" Bore Wire

Bore Snake or Bore Wire?

Thinking about the Bore Snake made by Hoppes? – The Bore Wire is better.

  • You must buy a bore snake for each caliber you own!
  • Lets look at the Hoppes Bore Snake cost using just 3 calibers – You may own more!
  • 3 x $15.00 = $45.00 just to clean your bore?
  • This is why Hoppes developed the Bore Snake – own 3 guns? – you need 3 expensive products, one for EVERY CALIBER YOU OWN!
  • Lets face facts – you simply do not need to use a wire brush for regular bore cleaning – just a patch with solvent and oil does the job.
  • The Bore Wire makes regular bore cleaning a breeze! – it is so simple and easy to use!
  • We think the Bore Wire is better because it works just as well – does not get more dirty with each use and is much cheaper – you don’t have to do the bore snake dance – holding your gun with one hand, threading the “snake” into your bore then upending your gun to pull the snake – carefull don’t let the snake touch the floor – don’t drop your gun due to oil on your hands!
  • With the Bore Wire you simply lay your gun down, feed the Bore Wire into the chamber and out the barrel, then pull it through – all while your gun is safely laying on the table
  • You will like your new Bore Wire or get a full refund! – no guff – no problems – just email us and ask and you got your refund!

The Bore Wire is designed to SAVE YOU MONEY!

  • The Bore Wire cleans any caliber bore from pellet guns to shot guns, last a long time and cost you so much less!
  • The Bore Wire is compact – it can be wound into a small diameter and kept in a small pouch with other cleaning supplies and taken anywhere, to the range or in your pack on an Alaskan hunting trip.
  • The Bore Wire is made by ACME GP LLC, a small company making innovative products right here in the USA.
  • Get your Bore Wire today and clean your gun the SMARTER WAY!